Researchers, interested organizations or individuals are welcome to use our scientific data library for legitimate research endeavoursThis data is available free of charge, however we do ask that a memorandum of understanding is executed for access privileges to our data.  Please send us a message using the Contact Us form and state the nature of your request.

A list of our data is as follows.




Autonomous Underwater Vehicle in-situ data (Slocum Glider) - Oxygen, Chlorophyll, Temperature, Turbidity, CDOM, Salinity

Mission #1 was through a warm core eddy to the west of Haida Gwaii, prior to micro nutrient enrichment.  June 21-July12 2012

Mission #2 was in, and out of an iron-fertilized cold core eddy. Aug 17 - Sept 4 2012

Mission #3 inside an iron-fertilized cold core eddy. Mission aborted due to technical problem. Aug 17 - Aug 23 2012

20 Argos drifters were deployed prior to, during, and after exiting the iron-fertilized eddy. These buoys were obtained from NOAA under the Global Drifter Program/Ship of Opportunity program. Data is available from NOAA. Contact us for ID numbers of these buoys.

Ship based atmospheric CO2 measurements. Continuous with sporadic gaps due to instrument technical problems.

Multi Spectral Sonar (125,200,455, 769 khz) used in vertical profile, towed towbody and Mocness configurations. Approximately 50 hours.

Surface Seawater samples -  were taken in our work area in December 2011 and February 2012.  These samples were analyzed at ALS GLobal's commercial laboratory in Burnaby, BC

Deep Seawater samples - approximately 1,000 samples were collected using Niskin bottles from surface to 500m dept, within, external and prior to the plankton bloom. Preliminary chemical analysis has been conducted at ALS Global's commercial laboratory in Burnaby , BC. the remainder of the samples remain in frozen storage.

MOCNESS (Multiple Opening and Closing Net Environmental Sampling System) - We conducted over 30 MOCNESS tows from a depth of about 350 m to surface.  As per our science plan these tows were conducted precedent to the iron addition and tows were conducted both inside and outside the micronutrient enrichment area.  We could really use some taxanomic assistance!

Bongo Net - We conducted 45 Bongo tows at variable depths precedent, within and adjacent to the plankton bloom.  As with the MOCNESS we could really use some taxanomic assistance!

Phytoplankton Tows - We conducted over 200 phytoplankton tows, usually from surface to a depth of about 50 m.  As with the zooplankton tows (MOCNESS and Bongo) we could really use some taxanomic assistance!

FiRE (Fluorescence Induction and Relaxation System) seawater sample analysis from surface to 100m. Approximately 700 analyses are archived.

CTD (Conductivity Temperature Depth) with external Fluorometer, Oxygen, CDOM, PAR Sensor, Beam attenuation, turbidity. Approximately 200 vertical profiles from surface to 500m depth.  

Multi Spectral Fluorometer in a flow-through configuration taking near-continuous surface seawater samples.  

Marine life sightings taken from ship on a continuous basis with GPS coordinates, date,time of day and weather conditions.  Sightings included marine cetaceans, fish, birds.

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